It is no secret that the purchase or sale of real estate is often the largest financial transaction of your life. Why not have an experienced real estate attorney at your side throughout the process?

What to expect

Our firm represents buyers or sellers of residential, business, commercial and industrial property, whether they have a real estate professional working with them or not. The real estate agent can take you only so far, before issues of title clearance, title insurance, lien clearance, mortgage satisfaction, easements, rights-of-way, mineral or gas rights pop up and stall your deal.

Whether you are buying or selling, if you engage us before you sign ANY agreement, you will have three types of experience that few attorneys can bring to the table: a real estate broker’s experience, a title insurance agent’s experience, and a real estate attorney's experience. By melding these three resources into one, there is no problem too big or too complicated.

Here are some common scenarios we address:

  • If you are a seller, we can guide you through the entire process, counsel you on the disclosure form and the listing agreement, the negotiations, the run-up to the closing where so many issues arise, and the settlement itself. If you are not experienced in these matters, you may get pushed around —but not with us at your side.

  • If you are the buyer, we can impart our knowledge to give you confidence in making the offer, understanding what the 16-page Agreement of Sale is all about and how to read a Seller’s Disclosure Form. Additionally, we can guide you on what to do about the title search, title insurance and closing.   

  • And for our elder law clientswe can go even further. Many of you do not want the headaches and pressures of selling at all. You might already be living in your next home or senior care residence when the selling process begins. You can offload all of that and simply sit back and let us take the entire transaction through to conclusion. We will even deposit your check for you.